Report 9 or „Professor Lockdown“3rd Oct. 2020

The report 9, published on 16th March 2020 maybe was the scientific paper with the largest impact worldwide for centuries. Yet, looked at it in hindsight, it was purely biased science. Its main author, Neil Ferguson, is famous for tremendous errors in the past – all or which in favour or the vaccination industry. That is no coinicidence. Follow the …

Save Energy by Cutting Advertising 6th Oct.2020

Combative Advertising is not only an economic waste but also an energy waste, a waste of mind and a waste of resources. Just let’s stop it. It’s completely useless and is damaging a market economy.

Is it a Looming Euro-Crisis? 27.9.2022

The future for the Euro does not look good. Maybe its very existence is at stake.

Nord Stream Sprengungen: Wessen Nutzen? Wessen Schaden? 13.10.22

Nicht alle sind unglücklich über die Nord Stream Sprengungen. US-Außenminister Blinken bezeichnete sie als eine „tremendous opportunity“. Sie könnte das Einfallstor für Aufkäufe in Not geratender mittelständischer Unternehmen in großem Stil werden.